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A very different day.

My day started in a not unusual way, shower, dress, breakfast, but at ten o’clock me, my house guest and good friend Britta, plus two other comrades sat down to play Five Crowns, a card game which has been a favourite of mine for a wee while now.  Two hours later my friend and I were lunching in a local Italian restaurant and very nice and relaxed it was too.

So now our plan was to visit Glamis Castle just a short drive away. We left the restaurant and she stood patiently waiting for me to unlock the car. It wasn’t happening. I went into slight panic mode. Had my husband had some sort of battery failing premonition when he left his spare car key with me? It was back at the cottage.

“It’s not working” I shouted already convinced I would have to call a taxi to return home for the spare key.

“It’s not your car” my friend said, suddenly realising we were chatting so much we hadn’t walked nearly far enough to where we’d left it.

Now she had every reason to stop where I’d stopped but me?

It wasn’t the right make, it wasn’t even the right colour!

I listened for police sirens as we hurriedly found the right car and headed for Glamis.  

I wasn’t sure if the beautifully restored gates would be open for the season yet, but they were. The approach to the Castle is quite spectacular and I never tire of seeing it.

The parking was free, the cafe and shop were open, the highland cows were in a photogenic mood and apart from the occasional cloudburst we had a lovely time. There were some comical moments when  we had to choose whether I found a ten inch something or other to stand on or Britta got down on her knees to enable both our heads to appear in the photographs but a stout tree trunk came to our rescue and photos were duly taken.

The fourth onset of rain was our signal to leave and make our way back to the cottage via another local Castle (yes, there’s plenty of them in Scotland). Kinnettles Castle is the first turning on the right past Jericho  (no sign of a battle today thankfully!)  This Castle isn’t open to the public anymore, both sets of gates closed and locked, so after a brief stop for a photograph at a distance we headed home for a cuppie and piece of cake.

Five o’clock found us joining a virtual Expressive Writing Workshop, a lovely group of people who meet regularly to respond to the prompt of a poem. This evenings prompt was a poem called #10 by Hakim Bellamy. Responses written, we were then invited to read them out to the rest of the group if we wished. I wasn’t feeling particulary confident in my response so declined. However, today, having got over my shyness I’m happy to share.

Ten out of #10

This is my daughter.
At least a litre of sunlight and stardust – yes
Radiating from her smile – absolutely
A hollow of love and laughter – definitely
Language – occasionally blue but she can articulate in the kindest, humorous way 
And cruelty is not in her vocabulary
She is my ten out of #10  

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3 responses to “A very different day.”

  1. This is such a lovely poem, Gail. I hope you’ll print it off and frame it for your daughter, it will make the perfect gift! I had such a wonderful time at your place… so many great things to remember, including us standing in front of the wrong car… Never mind. The rhubarb from your garden was very tasty and we polished it off in no time. Thank you so much. I’m glad that now, I can look forward to reading Gail’s Blog.


    1. Thank you Britta for all your help and your encouraging words I loved having you here spending quality time together and showing you just a little bit of Angus. I still haven’t told my husband about the car incident, I’m hoping he will find out by reading my Blog. Not sure what sort of comment I would get though!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] and she wrote about the day in hers ( Did I give you the full story? Of course not. I kept the best for last. Wasn’t quite sure how to […]


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